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Short Term Courses in India


Short term courses in India

Short-term courses in finance to boost your career

The discipline of finance is although mostly confused by economics, but it is totally a distinctive field as compared to economics. Unlike economics, which is the study of demand & supply of goods & services, finance is the study of allocation of capital & assets of a company or investors and managing the risk along with time value of money ensuring good return on investment. Finance has many other verticals associated with it such deeply that one without proper understanding of all can't be good financial expert. One such vertical we have already discussed above is Economics and other is Accounts. Finance has so much into it that even a small part of it can make you employed and do well for your livelihood.

There are so many short-term courses in finance available everywhere, which can easily give you a job opportunity in finance sector and then depending on the caliber one can excel in them. This field requires a continuous update so one who keeps on reading books, watching financial TV channels and other related activities can do well. There are many short-term courses available at graduate and post-graduate levels which can boost you career in finance. Most of the finance institutes providing MBA courses and short term courses in India also run short-term finance courses and they are very job oriented.

Types of finance courses available:
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

It can be a part time or full time course which makes you a high worth professional in finance sector as it is the highest qualification for financial planners across the world. Most of the India’s leading organizations prefer hiring a CFP qualified candidates.

  • Post Graduate Course in Financial Valuation (PGCFV)

It is a post graduate certificate course in financial valuation which is generally of 6 to 12 months depending on the institute and mode of study (part time or full time). It is generally a full time classroom program which involves the guest lecture for the industry experts for better exposure of the students. It covers the most vital topics of finance like

  • Financial valuation
  • Financial data analysis & research
  • Financial Reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Post Graduate Course in Financial Research (PGCFR)

This is also a post graduate certificate course in financial research which may of duration between 6 to 12 months depending upon the mode of study and institute. The program produces best quality of finance professionals with deep understanding of financial research & data analysis, financial decision making and financial modeling. This course is best suited to those graduates or professionals who wish to step into these

  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Research
  • Private Equity
  • Commodity & Equity
  • Credit Research and Valuations.

These are the main short term which most popular and provided by most of institutes who provide MBA finance in Delhi and NCR region.

CFPCM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM and CFPCM are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. Financial Planning Standards Board India is the marks licensing authority for the CFPCM marks in India, through agreement with FPSB.