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How to choose your company:

“A course is only as rewarding as the doors of opportunity it opens”
Gautam Rajgarhia, Director IIFP

When we think of placements we think of industries, companies, job profiles, remunerations, work locations etc.

Most of the time we think will I get a job if I do this course or will I get a job if I do that course. Well we need to change this line of thought. One thing is for sure you will get a job no matter what. But your question should be how good a job will I get after this course? Once you have this question in mind you need to do a deeper analysis of things.

For example you need to ask yourself a couple of questions, like what kind of job should I do? What kind of job profile interests me the most? What industry function should I work in? What kind of pay pack should I expect?

These are not easy questions to answer upfront. Well it requires an understanding on the things you are dealing with, so you need to know the relevant industries for the course you are studying. Once you have researched on that, you must focus on a few companies in that industry. The best way to do that is to target 5-6 companies, out of which 2 companies can be tough ones to get through, let us call this dream companies. Next let us try and target 2 companies which are moderate to get through and we call them moderate companies and finally we target an easy one calling it base company in which we can be almost sure to get through.

Now how do we choose these 5 companies, well we must look at a couple of attributes. Where is the company located? Who is heading the company? How old or big is that particular company?

Evaluate on the above attributes with your preferences. Once you have your companies ready, go through their websites, learn more about them, be prepared for questions on their policies. Also talk to a few employees if you get a chance to, it will give you a more thorough understanding of the company’s policies, operations, Hr policies and remuneration.

Last, once you are ready with your research on the chosen companies, you must look at some of the key strengths in you for which the company will be willing to give you the job offers.

Placement by IIFP: How it works:

The Placement process at IIFP usually starts by the time you are in the end of your second semester. IIFP has a dedicated training and placement team that comprises of 2-3 people who will hand hold you through the placement process.

At IIFP the placement session starts with some trainings and mock interviews. Mostly these trainings are on the Do’s and Dont’s of the interview process. Also there is a mock interview panel that checks your knowledge level on various subjects studied by you in the course. This helps you getting a clearer idea of how well prepared you actually are.

The placement team will help you prepare your CV (Curriculum Vitae) which is your professional BIO-data. For fresh candidates this is the beginning of sorts for your professional life. Once your CV is ready and you have been through the mock tests and Do’s and Dont’s you are subjected to some mock interviews where your body language, your communication skills and your confidence levels are tested. The team will help identify problematic areas and will suggest you on best practises to rectify them.

The placement session will start with a day termed as ZERO day where more than one company is expected to come. This is the first day of your placement session. Mostly the placement team will have the job profiles and package with them and they would have shared those with you, however the companies still do a pre-placement talk wherein they discuss their plans, roles, and remunerations. It is a good idea to sit through these placement talks as they help you deciding on the company.

Your Placement team at IIFP will also help clear any doubts on the company in a one-on-one session. Once you have chosen to sit for the particular company, you will have to go through the company interviews or written tests or both as per company policy which depends on company to company. For those shortlisted the results will be with the placement team usually in 48 hrs or sometimes in a fortnight again as per company policy.

The placement team will help negotiate on your behalf if it thinks your remuneration is not justified or if your date of joining is too late. It will also give you your formal offer letter by the company in person or by mail. At this point the placement team would have completed its hand holding session.

CFPCM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM and CFPCM are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. Financial Planning Standards Board India is the marks licensing authority for the CFPCM marks in India, through agreement with FPSB.