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CFPCM Certification Education Programme

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CFPCM Certification Education programme...

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Certification Education program is designed specifically for high-achieving business professionals, and career changers who are looking to enhance their education without interrupting their careers. The program’s innovative course content, faculty interaction and learning environment help you apply your knowledge and skills to problems professionals face in today’s marketplace.

Excellent faculty members expose you to cutting-edge ideas and practices that will be relevant in the current market scenario.

Some of the largest companies in financial services industry have sponsored executive-potential employees as students at IIFP.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation has become the most widely recognized, prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification. It is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of education, examination, experience and ethics. The CFPCM Certification wins trust and presents opportunities worldwide. In this era of super specialization, the once you have achieved CFPCM Certification, you join the prestigious league of over 1,20,000 CFPCM Certificants worldwide.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professional is one who takes a holistic view of financial life of an individual and provides him with strategic advice in regard to investment, insurance, tax, retirement and estate needs. Unlike product sellers who represent the interest of manufacturers of these products, a CFPCM Certificant works for the consumer, and does not have any particular product in mind when approaching a client.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM certification in the country is administered by Financial Planning Standards Board India, an affiliate of the US based body, Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd..

CFPCM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM and CFPCM are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. Financial Planning Standards Board India is the marks licensing authority for the CFPCM marks in India, through agreement with FPSB.